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What is Absentia?

Medigold Health initially introduced our Day One Absence Management service in 2013 at the request of one of our clients. Our client wanted more support for their employees when they are absent from work and help with assisting their managers to manage their employees' absence. We have worked closely in partnership with our clients, to ensure that the system and service delivery, continue to develop and evolve in line with their expectations and needs.

Why the rebrand?

The rebrand to Absentia is just one part of our Day One Service's growth journey, with the fresh look and feel reflecting the development and innovation we have invested into our Absence Management Services. In the last two years, we have grown significantly and in the last two months alone, we have 3 new clients joining the service with a combined headcount of over 6000 employees. We are also very proud that the two original clients who started the service in 2013 are still with us to date and continue to see a year on year reduction in their employee absence rates.

So what services does Absentia offer?

  • A 24/7 absence line enabling employees to report their absence from work any time of day
  • Software to track and monitor absence to make sure procedures and processes are followed
  • Timely and accurate absence information and alerts
  • A fair and consistent approach for employees, with early intervention and signposting
  • Real-time reporting, benchmarking & trend analysis for managers
  • Specialist Occupational Health Nurses helping employees get back to health, and work, quickly

Why you need Absentia 

Employee absences cost your organisation money and affect productivity. However, Absentia from Medigold Health are guaranteed to reverse both. It is the only end-to-end solution for your employees' health, wellbeing, and absence.

How are we different?

We take a collaborative approach to absence management alongside HR and Occupational Health. Historically, OH has often been viewed as the last resort when managing employee’s sickness absence; however, more and more businesses are seeing the benefits of early intervention.

Investing in a Day One Absence Management Service to take away all the hard work of monitoring and managing your employee absence also facilitates referring an employee as early as possible. This process enables your OH provider to make proactive provisions as opposed to reactive recommendations – this can often make the difference between short and long-term sickness absence.

Medigold Health’s Day One Absence Management Service has the key purpose of providing a standardised process for all employees to report their absence from work, collecting timely and accurate information to ensure that the Manager can proactively manage the absence and Senior Management and HR can manage the Managers.

To find out more request a free consultation from our absence management specialists: commercialteam@medigold-health.com

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