How we partnered with GEOAmey to reduce absence by 52% [Case Study]

Medigold Health’s Day One Absence Management Service, Absentia, works closely in partnership with GEOAmey to reduce Absence levels by 52%. 

GEOAmey was formed in 2011 as a joint venture between Amey UK Plc and The GEO Group Inc bringing two successful organisations together to create a compelling and cost-effective business to satisfy the requirements of the justice market.

GEOAmey have a substantial workforce of 2,200 employees across the UK and as with many large organisations in recent years, have been constantly facing the pressures of competition and operating margins being squeezed.

The Management Team at GEOAmey were tasked with improving productivity and efficiencies, and ultimately reduce costs across the organisation. Reducing staff absences was identified as an area that could help deliver those improvements.

The Results

  • 2,200 Employees covered
  • Nurse Led Service 
  • 52% Absence reduction 
  • 1.2m Financial savings 
  • 1,689% ROI 
  • 9,651 Days regained 

What GEOAmey had to say: 

“Medigold Health worked closely with us to understand our business and put together a Day One Absence Management service that fitted to our existing absence policies.

GEOAmey historically managed absence very differently across the different geographical regions. The processes and procedures were very different which made it very difficult for us to get a clear national picture of what absence was like internally.

Working with Medigold Health has been a real pleasure and they have been extremely responsive and very insightful on an ongoing basis. Their Day One Absence Management Service has helped us to really focus our Wellbeing strategies around what was working well for our organisation and making sure that over time, when the needs of the organisation changed, so did our Wellbeing strategy.” Donna Murphy, HR Manager for GEOAmey. 

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